Wednesday, November 19, 2008

hijri shamsi <=> miladi

hey guys i found a useful website. it's about to convert hijri shamsi date to it's equal miladi. if you want to know when is your birthday in miladi calendar, or anything else like that, then you can use it.
click here to go to the wbsite.

I don't know why but the online converter (the above link) is filtered for Iranian users, so in this new link you can download a local program to do the job. thanx to the developer and here is the link:

Note that this program requires .NET Framework v3.5 to be installed.

but if you still wanna use the online version here is another one with ability to convert Hijri dates also.


Anonymous said...

thanks shamsi its very usful site.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, It's a great tool to convert dates.


jamal said...

thanks body

aryan_hr said...

kar nemikoneh!
Agr ye tarikh to be miladi tandil koni bad hamon ro behsh bedh be shamsi tabdil koneh 1 roz jabeja mioneh

Ali said...

I personally tested many dates and it works!
"in persian: man ke harchi emtehan kardam dorost javab dad."

thanks to you and the creator ;)

Ali Mirzaei said...

as far as i know it's working correctly :)

thanks for commenting guys ;) and yes, thanks to the creator definitely.

Mohammad Gorjizadeh said...

Hey! That was just great! You help me my friend! God will help us!